Steps to set up an end-user in QlikView

Steps to set up an end-user in QlikView

  1. Log into V-RPT-QLK-N-01
  2. Open the QlikView Management app

  1. Select System
  2. Licenses
  3. Server
  4. Client Access Licenses
  5. People editor button

  1. Copy all names (CTRL+A | CTRL+C) and open Notepad from the “Manual Input of User Names” field.

  1. Add the user (don’t forget the semi-colon and the domain name) – no semi-colon needed at the end. In the example below, we added “mfeger”.

  1. Copy all the text from Notepad and paste back into the “Manual Input of User Names” field from step 8 above. Click OK then Apply.
  2. Verify the user has been added by noting them in the list, with an empty “Last Used “ field.

  1. Go to C:\inetpub\blink\Commission and grant the user Full Control of the specific report file in question.

  1. Add user to the AD Group QlikView Reports, wait for Okta to Sync
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