Setup DO MFP

Installing a HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw for DO

  1. Physically install the printer, power it on and record the IP address
  2. Give the printer a static IP with a last octet of 210. X.X.X.210
  3. Update the printers Firmware
  4. Setup the SMTP server for internal use, with no authentication
  5. Default send is the office email
  6. Setup a Quickset to send to DO Patient Files
  1. Name=DO Patient Files
  2. Start Option=Enter application, then user presses "Start"
  3. Specify
  4. Default From= Office email
  5. Email Subject=Patient Files
  1. On the Exam PC remove the old printer and install the new printer
  2. Add the Printer as an asset in KACE
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