Moving Your Zon

  1. Before moving the Zon, please note the number near the port where the "ethernet"/internet cable is plugged in. We will need to remember this number in a later step.
  2. Move to the physical location where the ZON needs to be.
  3. Find the nearest ethernet jack/port to this new location. Note the number that will be written near the port. It will look similar to one of the images below:
    1. Cat6 Wall Plate and Keystone,Fly Tiger,Rj45 Jack ...
    2. A longer ethernet/internet cable may be needed to connect the Zon properly. Please let us know if this is the case.
  4. Plug the Zon into an open ethernet port (even-number if possible).
    1. If Zon says no phone line connected, the port is likely not connected and will need to be connected in the back where the IT equipment is.
  5. In the back, there is a black "patch" panel with numbers labeled on it that will look similar to this:mceclip0.png
    1. Find the matching port number on the patch panel where the Zon was originally unplugged from and the number of the new location. This will need to be connected.
  6. Once connected properly, the Zon will have no error messages.

Please note - It may be a good idea to call the number on the Zon, and speak with their support to verify that the device is connected and can complete transactions.

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