Setup Duo Mobile

  1. Download the Duo Mobile App for your smartphone

Duo Mobile - Apps on Google Play

  1. Apple:

  1. Android:

  1. On your home computer go to and login with your email address and password
  1. Click Setup

  1. Click Start Setup

  1. Select Mobil Phone and Continue

  1. Enter your Phone number, check the box to confirm your phone number then click continue

  1. Click Text me, enter the code sent in the box, click verify, and then continue.

  1. Select Automatically send this device a Duo Push and then Continue to Logon.

  1. Select Send Me a Push then approve it on your phone.

  1. If you have not added your mobile phone to your Okta account, you will be prompted to. This will help you reset your password.
  1. Click Add Phone Number

  1. Enter your phone number and click Send Code

  1. Enter the code sent, click Verify and then Done

  1. Click Done


  1. You are Now Finished setting up Duo Mobile
  1. You will see this when Duo Mobile sends you a push. Please approve it if you initiated itDuo Mobile on Windows Phone - Guide to Two-Factor Authentication ...
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