New-Office User Creation

  • Create AD User Account in the “Windows 10 Office” OU 
  • Copy an office from the same district 
  • Add all metadata except FAX 
  • Telephone
  • Address
  • Import into Okta and Office 365 
  • In “Office 365” 
  • Create the Hidden Mail-enabled security group 
  • Name Office XX Hidden Group 
  • Check Allow external senders to email this group 
  • Edit Exchange Properties and Check “Hide this group from address lists.” 
  • Save 
  • Find the svsxx user under “Active Users.” 
  • Temporarily add an E3 License and wait for the mailbox to create 
  • Convert to Shared Mailbox and wait for completion 
  • Remove the E3 licenses 
  • Go to Shared Mailboxes and open svsxx 
  • Email forwarding  
  1. Forward all emails 
  1. Keep a copy in this mailbox 
  • Disable IMAP in email apps 
  • Add 365admin & Barracuda to members 
  • Logon to eFax
  • Add a fax number for the offices Zip Code
  • Add a fax user in eFax
  • First Name = SVS Vision
  • Last Name = SVS Name, i.e. Rochester Rd.
  • Add To Group = Retail Offices
  • Billing Code 10xx
  • Email address =
  • PW =  use PW generator
  • User May Send Faxes = On
  • Select the Fax number you created
  • Add full fax number with the 1 to the AD user
  • Test phone and fax
  • In CommPortal, set the BTN to forward to the Front Desk number
  • Call BTN to test
  • Send test fax
  • Once both test pass you can provide Theresa and Marketing with them

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